We worked with the product and tech team to design a SaaS platform for the air conditioning industry.

What we did

We focused on understanding the users (Pureblu admin, partner admin, and technicians) and their motivations to use the platform by building personas and user journies, established a seamless user experience through wireframes for both the mobile app and admin web app, and ultimately the high-fidelity designs ensuring the overall platform was easy to use for all types of users.

Our Approach

Understanding the business objectives and the existing offline user journey was important and allowed us to put together a roadmap of the UX opportunities. We adopted a user-first approach to work through every existing offline pain point and then create a robust list of functionalities and experiences that the new platform should have.

We created a user-wise flow to assess screens and functionalities. We used this flow to create high-fidelity wireframes, which became our first prototypes. We then tested the prototypes with our users and made relevant adjustments to finalise the wireframes.

The final UI is simple, familiar to an Android user, and easy to navigate.


"Working with Bokaap Design was great because they really understood the business objectives we were trying to achieve. More importantly, they were readily available during critical times such as the technical implementation of the app."

-Manish Jain, Advisor to MyGlamm, Pureblu and BuiltBy