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We provided a positioning strategy and a UX/UI design solution for UpX Academy, a Tech Mahindra powered e-learning company

The Research

A brand positioning exercise is important to gain clarity in the strategic direction of any firm. We shape the perception of the company to align with their values, goals, and services.

We conducted several interviews with company stakeholders, including their existing customers. Our goal was to understand the business, its potential and, most importantly, understand user goals and their key tasks.

The outcome

Their goal was to reduce costs associated with on-site marketing for user acquisition and increase user acquisition through online channels.

In order to achieve this, we identified that UpX Academy required more online visibility — they needed to increase online engagement with a seamless experience and to create engaging and impactful communication.

A positioning strategy was created to position UpX Academy as thought leaders and with this, a unified visual and communication language was formulated.


We delivered a UX and UI design solution for the marketing website, which made course discovery easy and enabled users to have micro-learning through recent & relevant, curated and created content.

-Team designaren