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Brand positioning strategy, content strategy, photography styling & creative direction, UX/UI design, and web development for Tessera

Who they are

Tessera creates contemporary home decor, serveware, and jewellery. The products’ earthy aesthetics make them adaptable to a diverse palate and home environments.

We worked with Tessera on their branding and positioning strategy that created a visual language for consistent expressions of the brand across media.

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What we did

We built a website experience that was light, easy and let the products have the spotlight. The visual design is centred around two things — engaging product photography and a minimalistic design. This maintains the focus on the multifaceted use of the products.

I'm very pleased to see the website. It looks fabulous and smooth! Thank you for materialising this for me. This will be the foundation to all my further endeavours.

-Jemika Parikh, Founder