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We understood GEPL Capital's business requirements, future goals, the current competition, and user personas to strategize a new direction for the company's website.

The Brief

GEPL Capital (See the new website) is a 25-year-old boutique financial services and investment advisory firm. With the changing landscape of the financial sector and the push to go digital, GEPL Capital approached Bokaap Design with a mandate to overhaul their website with the following goals:

  1. Cater to a broader audience who can find GEPL Capital online and begin their investment journey with even a minimum investment.
  2. Update the visual identity of the website to position the company as an established thought leader in the financial space, but also make them approachable
  3. Create a seamless user experience for current customers to navigate to the different digital solutions that they provide


Our Solution

Through a series of stakeholder workshops, we understood the company's culture, services, future goals, and potential target audience.

We then interviewed their customers to understand their experiences working with GEPL Capital and their interactions with the website. In parallel, we studied the competition to highlight potential gaps and opportunities for the newly improved website.

Site Architecture

Based on our findings, we proposed a site architecture, keeping the company's goals in mind. First, we suggested creating distinct landing pages for the different user profiles, with information catering to their unique needs and positioning GEPL Capital to be the right choice for every type of investor -Beginner, Intermediate, Expert and NRI.

We separated the navigation for the two user types:

  1. New customers who were on the website to discover if GEPL Capital was the right choice for them, and
  2. Current customers who need a quick way to log in to the different tech products, use the calculators or access the company's wealth of information. 

The idea was to consolidate pages into categories with logical headers to reduce users' time to seek information.


We created the wireframes once we had a content strategy for the kind of information each type of user would need to see on their journey.

It was essential to highlight the multiple deals available to the users, create a funnel for the investor types, and display the products and services without any clutter.

UI Design

GEPL Capital has been in the industry since 1997, so it was essential to reposition them as experts who can also cater to the young generation of investors, who are digitally savvy. Keeping their brand colours in mind, we strategically chose a young design direction. We used variations of the brand colours, fonts, illustrations and graphics that connected with the new age investors without alienating the old. 

Information is laid out in a crisp, palatable manner to not inundated any user with too much information, clear "Call to Actions" was recommended for better conversions.

The overall look was mature, sophisticated, to the point and professional. Mobile readiness was key in the execution of this website,


The website was developed with a content management system, making it easy for the client to update the content. 

Calculators, APIs and other features from the old website were integrated seamlessly, and the website was optimized to ensure a quick loading time.

Bokaap has a great team who can put down what you want in a user-friendly way. Their sense of design and aesthetics is one of the best I have seen. Working with Niraali and her team was a big learning for us as well - their creative, systematic and professional approach is a rare combination to find.

-Ruchi Mehrotra Pinto, Investment Manager, GEPL Capital

Working with traditionally run businesses that have not invested in UX/UI design is always a fun challenge. We often have to begin with educating them on the process, which is heavily focused on research, strategy and then designs. What to expect from each step, how can they prepare themselves to work with us, and how they will finally see the output delivered are all laid out at project kickoff. There is value in following the process that we follow, and it is imperative that our clients, who become partners on any projects, are aligned through the engagement.

-Bokaap Design