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We built the brand identity and the online portal for Data Governance Network, a community of researchers tackling data governance issues in India, anchored by IDFC Institute

The Portal

Data governance is the initiative a country/organisation takes to create and enforce a set of rules and policies regarding its data. For DGN’s brand identity, we explored symbols of digital waves, binary, and the globe to create a dynamic symbol.

The online portal provides access to research and data governance relevant media the network releases.

The Portal

The portal’s goal was to enable researchers to explore all the reports, research, and media available in the field of Data Governance to date. We designed the portal to be simple and easy-to-use so it helps the user quickly find topic-specific research they are interested in. The Media section makes available all the curated media content DGN puts out.

DGN hopes to develop a self-sustaining, multidisciplinary community of professionals that can inform good governance practices and the trajectory of India's digital economy.

-Data Governance Network Vision