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We worked with Bulk MRO to reinvent and streamline the team’s processes on their Order Management System

What we did

The objective in the first phase was to maintain the flow of the already functioning system and improve the UI through a consistent design language. Our scope was to also conceptualise and create a dashboard to enable teams to easily access everyday data for their sales orders.

Our Approach

Understanding the business objectives and the existing offline user journey allowed us to put together a roadmap of the UX opportunities. We worked with the limitations of the Data Tables used and the existing tech framework to update the UI without breaking any existing flows and functions.

In the next phase, we created a user-wise flow to assess the journey from Contract to Shipping. We used this to create wireframes and the final design deliverable for the tech team to implement. Scalability and ease of use were of the utmost importance because of the rapidly growing nature of the business. We created a detailed design system for the tech team to use for future builds.

An agile process was adopted to respond quickly to new product requirements.

-Design Team