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We bring our expertise to your ideas and turn them into tangible tech products. We apply our extensive UX & UI design acumen to B2C mobile and web apps, B2B custom enterprise/productivity products, and transactional websites across industries and geographies.

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Our range of solutions

Businesses seeking a single touchpoint design and tech partner can benefit from our end-to-end tech solutions. We leverage cutting-edge technologies like Node.js, Python, Angular, Kotlin, Swift, React Native, Flutter, PHP, React.js, Shopify, and WordPress to develop state-of-the-art products.

Deliver a seamless mobile experience for customers and teams on the move, thanks to intuitive UX & UI design, while providing admin and enterprise customers with user-friendly and device-agnostic web applications for enhanced versatility.

Web and mobile apps

  • Educational apps
  • Lifestyle apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Medical apps
  • Social impact apps
  • Financial apps

Business optimization

  • Document management
  • Process management
  • Sales applications
  • Logistics management
  • Sales applications
  • Employee portals
  • Task and time management

Web portals and websites

  • Booking engines
  • Marketplaces
  • E-commerce
  • Publications
  • Social impact websites
  • Corporate websites


  • Brand personality & voice
  • Positioning strategy
  • Business naming
  • Visual language strategy
  • Logo design and brand book

Work showcase

We treat every project as a collaborative partnership,
delivering solutions through a process-driven approach.

What our clients have to say

Bokaap Design has worked with us since 2015 on many important projects. I have to say that they are a very dedicated team with extremely talented & dedicated designers. We have been very happy with the work they have done, and we trust them to deliver on many of our organization's design requirements. We look forward to collaborating with them again in the future!

Atik Shah, MProfit

We had been recommended Bokaap Design and were not disappointed. From the get-go, we felt we were listened to and understood by Niraali and her team. Communication at all stages of development was always clear, and any question we had was answered promptly.

Mat Flasque, Gintare Kriauceliunaite and Gonzalo Chacon

I have worked with Bokaap Design on multiple projects. Working with the team was great because they really understood the business objectives we were trying to achieve with the app design.

Manish Jain, Advisor to MyGlamm, Pureblu, BuiltBy and Selec

We developed a great partnership with Bokaap Design over the course of designing our website! They frequently challenged and simplified our ideas using crucial insights gained from experience, and they've helped create a highly functional yet beautiful website that does justice to our school.

Ninad Adawadkar, Communications Manager, UWC Mahindra College

There is always a challenge to put on paper, the mind of a brand, but you won't face that from designaren. They are our go-to team for packaging and anything design. I’ve always received excellent and prompt response from Niraali and her team. They deliver on time and are very very friendly.

Vinay Maheshwari, Founder, The Health Factory

To anyone who needs branding, packaging or web design, I would recommend Niraali and her team in a heartbeat. They have the ability to give you exactly what you imagined, but far more refined and more cohesive. With their technical expertise and fresh eyes for design, they are the best design team I have worked with by far.

Shaan Lalwani, Founder

I’m thrilled to provide a glowing testimonial. Radhika and her team developed our brand and marketing strategy, refreshed our brand identity, and created our premium packaging and e-commerce store. From the beginning, it was clear that this team was not only highly skilled and experienced in their field,...

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Rutuja Dandekar, Founder, Earth Ritual

We have almost exclusively worked with Bokaap Design since 2011 for multiple assignments, across multiple teams in our firm. The team is highly creative, professional, helpful and resourceful. They have been involved in multiple high-ticket value transactions with us and have been in the process from start to finish...

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Sneha Kogta, Manager, JLL

I am delighted to share my feedback for the exceptional market research and brand & marketing strategy services provided by The Better Collective + Bokaap Design. As a promoter, I understand the importance of knowing consumer behaviour and crafting a strong brand identity to stay competitive in the market. The had a...

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Anuj Agarwal, Co-founder, Unison Group Co-founder, Wellington College International Pune
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Our approach


Research and inquiry

We engage in thorough client consultations, continuously seeking insights. We strive to comprehend every facet of your business, including your users, competitors, and objectives. This informs the creation of a comprehensive business requirement document, outlining the ultimate product goals.


User flow analysis and tech documentation

After understanding your business objectives, we initiate the process of mapping user flows to align with user goals. Our primary aim is to ensure a smooth and clearly defined user journey. Building upon this foundation, we formulate a comprehensive Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document, providing detailed insights into the software's functional and non-functional prerequisites.


Wireframes and technical architecture

We generate wireframes, akin to architectural blueprints, with a primary focus on structuring the interface and its functionality. Simultaneously, we commence the technical architecture of the backend, delineating the framework that underpins the user requirements established in the wireframes.


Visual design and back-end implementation

The design phase is where the transformation occurs. Starting with a monochromatic 'floor plan,' we infuse the app with personality. Here, we make critical choices regarding fonts, sizes, colour palettes, button styles, icons, and illustrations. Concurrently, we initiate the backend implementation to empower the front-end components.


Development and testing

We transform the design prototype from step 4 into a functional system that fulfils all documented requirements. During the development phase, the system is continuously tested to verify its alignment with the expectations outlined in the SRS phase. Rigorous user testing ensures the platform's compatibility across devices, and screen resolutions, and that all functionalities meet the defined expectations.


User acceptance testing
and go-live

Thorough user acceptance testing guarantees the excellence of our efforts, assuring a confident and successful launch for your project.

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