Earth Ritual

Brand evolution from homegrown to a premium D2C brand.

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Differentiating a consumer brand in a saturated industry

Earth Ritual, a homegrown D2C brand of bath, body, and home fragrances founded by Rutuja Dandekar, aspired to transform into a premium entity.

In the highly competitive wellness category, defining a clear and distinct value proposition that would set the brand apart was imperative. Furthermore, the absence of cohesive visual language and brand personality made it difficult for Earth Ritual to stand out in a competitive market. We were commissioned to help Earth Ritual upgrade the brand's identity to a premium level, evoking sophistication and luxury.

We aimed to build a comprehensive business and brand roadmap to secure Earth Ritual's market position and ensure long-term success.

Our Solutions

Building a distinct personality through Moods and Rituals

We connected Earth Ritual's products to rituals based on mood, elevating the brand beyond a mere fragrance line. In alignment with mood-based rituals, the curated narrative combined elements of mindfulness, serenity, and rejuvenation.

The aim was to create a strong and memorable brand that resonates with the target audience, fostering a genuine connection and a sense of conscious living through bath, body, and home fragrance rituals.

Goal 2 for Earth Ritual projectGoal 2 for Earth Ritual project

Brand Strategy

To differentiate the brand and position it uniquely, we stayed away from ingredient and efficacy led propositions and instead honed in on the customer insight that self care, mental wellness and slow living was gaining traction among premium, urban, consumers.

Leveraging this insight, we made the brand an enabler of slowing down and wellness by connecting products to rituals based on mood. The strategy detailed customer personas, the brand personality and narrative as well as communication guidelines.

GTM Strategy

In addition to creating a direct sales channel, we recommended niche marketplaces for better brand awareness and trial from consumers who are primed to choose slow-living brands. We created brand and product marketing campaign ideas that were executed at multiple digital and offline touchpoints. We also developed a PR and influencer strategy that maximised the brand’s modest marketing budgets.

Brand Identity Design

Drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of nature, the brand identity is based on timeless aesthetics to evoke dreamy experiences and warm, reassuring connections. Delicate hues and ethereal textures create a sense of calm, resonating with those seeking solace amidst the chaos of daily life.

Classic design elements and understated sophistication informed the logo, typography, and overall visual identity.


We translated Earth Ritual’s mission into minimalistic yet luxurious packaging, incorporating minimalistic symbols that evoke the right mood.

The design emphasised aesthetic coherence, utilising earthy tones and nature-inspired visuals to evoke a sense of calm and connection.

packaging for Earth Ritual

E-commerce Store

Earth Ritual’s core blueprint was formed around connecting the earth’s elements to a consumer’s daily rituals and moods, even while developing the Shopify website. Serene visuals were integrated for the brand identity to shine through on the website.

The focus of the e-commerce website was creating a seamless experience where customers could engage with the brand, and explore its offerings. Captivating visuals and storytelling communicated Earth Ritual's story. The focus of the e-commerce website was creating a seamless experience where customers could engage with the brand, and explore its offerings. Captivating visuals and storytelling communicated Earth Ritual's story. We focused on user experience, intuitive navigation, and integrated shipping and payment functionalities. Blogs centred around informative content were recommended for customer engagement, which was further enhanced using established SEO techniques.

I’m thrilled to provide a glowing testimonial for The Better Collective. Radhika and her team developed our brand and marketing strategy, refreshed our brand identity, and created our premium packaging and e-commerce store. From the beginning, it was clear that this team was not only highly skilled and experienced in their field, but also incredibly passionate about helping our business succeed. When I first engaged with them, our goal was to introduce more categories and scale up the business. The TBC team worked closely with us to develop our differentiation and positioning in a way that resonated with our customers. I also benefited from the consulting sessions, which helped us better plan our business operations for an effective launch.

TBC’s creative partner—Bokaap Design—also provided invaluable guidance and design expertise on the packaging design and the e-commerce store, which helped us further differentiate our brand from competitors. The team was highly communicative, responsive, and collaborative and went above and beyond to ensure that we were satisfied with the final outcome.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!

-Rutuja Dandekar, Founder - Earth Ritual

Earth Ritual was a collaborative project between Bokaap Design and The Better Collective